Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Breast Pump Review

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January 7, 2018

When searching the web for some of the best electric breast pumps, one of the most common names and recommendations you’re likely to come across is the Ameda Purely Yours double electric breast pump, along with other household names like Medela and Spectra.

But does it really live up to some of the recommendations it gets? Or is it outdated nowadays in favor of newer and more improved technology that’s available on the market?

Let’s have a look at both the good things we liked about this breast pump, and the stuff that left us disappointed – and you be the judge.

What We Like About The Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Breast Pump

Single & Double Use: You can use this pump as either a single breast pump (if you’re planning on expressing from one breast and breastfeeding baby at the same time with the other breast), or a double breast pump if you plan on expressing from both breasts at the same time.

This unit’s effectiveness and suction power will remain the same whichever way you decide to use it.

Independent Control Of Suction And Cycle Speed: Another strong point this pump has to offer is your ability to separately control suction power and cycle speed.

Not many breast pumps allow you to do this, with many only allowing you to control suction power levels, to which the cycle speed then automatically adjusts to.

One dial/knob exists for you to control the suction power, while another dial/knob exists for you to control the cycle speed.

Closed System: This is a closed system breast pump, which often means much more convenience than owning an open system breast pump.

When you’re done using it and want to recoup some of your costs from when you purchased it (and you will want to do so when the time comes, this unit is far from cheap), you can legally do so since it’s a closed system unit.

Open system breast pumps cannot legally be re-sold, and are limited to just one user throughout their entire lifespan.

And if you received a used Ameda Purely Yours breast pump from someone else, all you have to do is buy a hygiene kit set (also from Ameda) and you’re good to go.

This is also a strong point that makes the Ameda Purely Yours a hygienic breast pump, because any breast milk you do pump cannot make its way into areas like the motor and tubing, so no contamination will be caused there over time.

Portability: The fact that this unit is very lightweight makes it an excellent option for mothers who want a portable breast pump to take with them on the go.

At just 5.9 pounds of weight, it’s light enough to have you barely feel it’s there if you put it on your lap for prolonged periods of time and pump away, especially if you pump while you drive your car at the same time.

Possibility Of Free Acquisition: Being one of the more popular breast pumps on the market today sold by many different suppliers part of many different networks, you could possibly get one for free if you file a claim to your insurance company and they deem you eligible.

Read this piece we wrote on how you can get a free breast pump through your insurance company for more information.

Easy To Clean: The Ameda Purely Yours is super easy to clean, mainly because of the few parts it’s composed of.

No endless parts for you to have to take apart, clean and figure out how to reassemble again.

This is one of the strong points to this pump when compared to the Medela, for example, which is more difficult to clean because it has more parts to it.

The tubing is also very cleverly placed far away from the milk’s pathway, which means the risk of milk getting in the tubing and causing hygiene problems is minimal in comparison to other pumps designed differently.

FDA Approved Milk Collection System: This pump’s milk collection system called HygieniKit is the first ever to become FDA approved.

What We Don’t Like About The Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Breast Pump

Heavy Battery Hog: While this pump is able to run on batteries and electricity alike, which is convenient for many mothers who don’t want to rely on an electric socket all the time, it drains the batteries it uses exceptionally fast.

And as soon as the battery power starts to die out and run slow, the pumps go slow as well.

Make sure you always have adequate battery replacements with you at all times when using this unit outside the house, as you don’t want it dying on you mid pumping session.

No Car Charger By Default: You could make very good use of a car charger with this pump, but a unit that goes easier on the batteries would have been nicer.

This unit does not come with a car adapter by default, so you’ll have to buy one on your own if you plan on using one.

Not The Most Efficient: In terms of efficiency (amount of milk pumped VS amount of time invested in a session), this unit is definitely not inefficient, but is far from being the most efficient on the market today.

While you’re unlikely to notice much of a difference from other pumps if you only have a couple of sessions every day, you will notice a difference in time invested from other pumps when exclusively pumping and doing 8+ sessions a day.

The most powerful of suction capabilities is lacking in this unit when compared to other new models.

Suction Problems With Time: Besides a few issues with the suction power of this pump, it seems to slowly decrease with time and frequent usage.

Some mothers have even noticed that, after some time and frequent usage, one side’s suction power may become weaker than that of the other side.

So if suction power is one of the top criteria you’re judging your purchase on, our advice is for you to look for another model with more power and proven consistency.

Loud Noise: Not only is this unit far from being the quietest breast pump available today, it also tends to make an annoying and somewhat loud beeping sound throughout the session.

This can be inconvenient for you, your baby (if they’re nursing from one breast while you’re pumping from the other), your spouse if you wake up in the middle of the night and pump or people around you if you’re pumping in public at the time (such as a workplace).

If sound is one of the top criteria by which you’re judging a pump, we would advise you to go with the Medela.

Not The Most User Friendly Settings: Even though this unit comes with adjustable suction power and cycle speed levels, maneuvering around the settings and adjusting them to your liking is not the easiest of tasks with this unit, especially if this is your first time ever giving breast pumping a try.

Trying to get the right balance with the dials could have been made easier, especially that there are no clear marks on the knobs (i.e dials) for you to know what suction power or cycle speed you’re exactly at.

A clear numbering system would have made this pump much more user friendly.

If you don’t have much previous experience with pumps and don’t fully understand the settings you’re working with, it’s easy to choose the wrong settings and cause yourself nipple pain and breast discomfort.

Just make sure to carefully read the instructions if you’re going to use it, and be prepared to spend extra time and effort getting everything setup properly at first.

Comfort Levels: While you may be very comfortable pumping from this unit once or twice a day, the same is not often reported by mothers who tried exclusively pumping with it.

The pumping mechanism is a bit harsh, at least harsher than other pumps out there, which tends to result in sore nipples that cannot withstand multiple sessions in a 24 hour period of time.

Not The Highest Quality Accessories: The accessories that come with this unit, ones usually given alongside breast pumps in general, are not exactly the highest of quality.

The tote bag that comes with it can oftentimes be lacking in space for you to properly fit everything inside, the pump and all its related parts.

This would mean that you have to spend more time than usual organizing everything to achieve a proper fit, which isn’t very practical for tight-on-time mothers who pump in public and are always in and out of the house.

Conclusion – Our Final Take

Even though the Ameda purely yours breast pump definitely has some strong points that are worth noting, and has been on the market for a fairly long period of time, we wouldn’t rate it as one of the best breast pumps right now.

Ameda was a pioneer in the world of breast pumps and had all the competitive edge in the world when they first came out with this model, but that’s changed now.

It might have made it a few years back, but with the kind of technology and models available nowadays that fall within a similar price range, not so much.

So, here’s our final two cents about the Ameda Purely Yours double electric breast pump.

If you’re going to make occasional use of this unit and pump only once or twice a day, you may find that it suits your needs pretty well.

This is especially considering that this unit is not as expensive as some of the other models out there designed for mothers with more advanced pumping needs.

However, if you’re an exclusively pumping mother and plan to use it 8+ times a day, we would advise you to spend your money elsewhere to achieve a more enjoyable experience, even if that means spending a bit more money on the front end purchase – it will prove to be worthy with time.

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