Best Breast Milk Storage Bags In 2018: No More Spills!

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December 10, 2018

After going through all the hard work it took you to properly pump your breast milk, you need to store it somewhere it’ll last for future use. As we’ve previously talked about before in a separate article, breast milk can not sit out forever before it goes bad.

The last thing you’ll want to happen is for all your hard work to go to waste, especially if you experience pain while pumping and have to use a specialized nipple cream for breastfeeding to help you get through while not losing your sanity.

Regardless of how you choose to feed your baby, whether that be through breast milk or formula milk, it’s always a good idea to have it all prepared beforehand and stored somewhere for later use whenever you need it.

All for the sake of ensuring you keep up with your baby’s feeding schedule, of course, or have someone else at home help you out with feeding baby if you’re not there at the time.

So, after you’re done pumping and have come out of it unscathed (just kidding), have a look at what we believe to be some of the best breast milk storage bags on the market today that will help your liquid gold last as long as possible for whenever you want to feed your baby in the near future.

From pumping, freezing, heating and all the way to eating time, these storage bags have got you and your baby covered.

Best Breast Milk Storage Bags – A Quick Look At Our Top 10 Recommendations

Pick #1: Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Pouch
Pick #2: Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags
Pick #3: NUK Seal N’ Go Breast Milk Bags
Pick #4: Medela Pump and Save Breast Milk Bags
Pick #5: Ameda Store N Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags
Pick #6: Milkies Milk-Saver Breast Milk Collector
Pick #7: Philips AVENT Breast Milk Storage Bags
Pick #8: Dr. Brown’s Breastmilk Storage Bags
Pick #9: Mommy’s Precious Breastmilk Storage Bags
Pick #10: Nurture Right Breastmilk Storage Bags

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What Should I Look For In The Best Breast Milk Storage Bags?

Chemical Free

One of the most important criteria that any high quality breast milk storage bags should meet is that it be BPA-free.

If you preserve breast milk in any storage bag that’s not BPA-free, you’re exposing your baby to harmful chemicals that may lead to serious health problems with time.


Not only should a breast milk storage bag properly preserve breast milk in the freezer for a specific period of time, it should also allow you to properly thaw it without any negative side effects happening to the milk inside when it’s time to feed your baby, or to the bag itself.

If you’ve ever tried doing this with a storage bag that wasn’t specifically designed to hold breast milk, you’ll have noticed that these bags can burst when they expand too much.

A proper storage bag for breast milk won’t burst when you’re thawing, though.

Ease Of Application

After you’ve removed a storage bag from the freezer and thawed it, how easy does the bag make it for you to pour the milk that’s inside into a bottle?

Some bags make this a very simple and straightforward process, while others make it much more complicated than it needs to be, and you definitely want to stay away from complicated in this case.

Pumping Into The Bag

Instead of having to pump breast milk into a bottle and then empty the bottle into the storage bag which will be put in the freezer for later use, the best breast milk storage bags will allow you to pump breast milk directly into them.

All you’ll need to do is attach the bag to the pump, and do your thing! This is usually done by using an adapter that comes with the pump, or an adapter compatible with your pump that you can purchase on its own.

This way, what would have been a time and resource consuming 3 step process is now a fast and straightforward 2 step process.

This will also greatly minimize the chances of your breast milk coming into contact with any bacteria or germs, since it’s being done from a sterilized breast pump to a sterilized breast milk storage bag.

Thick Enough

A general rule of thumb to follow is that the thicker a storing bag is, the better (within the realms of common sense, of course.)

We don’t want a bag 10 inches thick now, but we also don’t want to do what many other mothers do out of worry their thin bag is going to leak – pour the breast milk into the bag, and wrap the bag with another bag just to make it thick enough so it won’t leak.

You’ll often experience leakages with many of the thinner storage bags out there, and you definitely don’t want any of your valuable liquid gold being wasted away like that, you want to preserve every last valuable drop of it for baby to drink!

Having a thick enough bag is also very important if you’re planning to deep freeze your breast milk, as deep freezing can easily damage thin storage bags.

However, you do have to make sure you don’t over-fill these bags beyond their capacity or else they will leak no matter how thick they are, but I digress.

Proper Seal

You should also not settle for any bag that doesn’t have a strong, leak-proof seal to it. An example of a strong, leak-proof seal is a storage bag that comes with a double zipper design.

A tight seal is especially important to prevent any cross-contamination from happening when you put the bag in the freezer.

Storage Limit

Depending on how much breast milk you’re looking to store for future use, you may be looking for a bag with different maximum storage capacity than someone else.

While you may be content with a storage bag that holds a maximum of 4 oz at once, this may not be enough for someone else who needs a larger storage bag that can hold 6 oz at once. So, plan beforehand and do the math to figure out how much capacity you need in your bags before you buy them.

Many people buy a bunch of storage bags without doing the math beforehand, later find out that these bags can’t hold as much as they would have liked, over-fill them beyond their capacity and experience leakage.

Heavy Duty

You’ll also want to look for heavier duty storage bags that can withstand rough handling without breaking and leading to all the milk being spilled.

Now of course, even the heaviest duty breast milk storage bags won’t stay in one piece if you’re deliberately handling them in a rough way to see if they’ll break. So, heavy duty or not, do your part and handle these storage bags in a gentle manner to stay on the safe side.

Measurement Line Accuracy

If you’ve never used breast milk storage bags before and this is your first time doing so, you would think that one of the most basic things a manufacturing company could do is create accurate measurement lines on these bags, but unfortunately this isn’t always true.

While this will likely not be a problem you’ll have to worry about when going with one of the more popular and in demand options on the market, it is something you’ll have to double check about when going with one of the lesser known brands.

The overall design of these bags from lesser known brands can sometimes be poor, which affects how wide the inside of the bag opens when you’re pouring milk inside.


Any storage bag you preserve your breast milk in should be pre-sterilized, or else you run the risk of having the milk go bad.

If any bacteria and germs are present in the bag before you store your breast milk, all of it will get affected and will become harmful to your baby.

Nutrient Preservation

The best breast milk storage bags will be designed to preserve as much nutrients found in this milk as possible for whenever you decide to take it out of the refrigerator/freezer and feed your baby from.


How easy is it to use labels on the storage bag?

You’ll need to label each bag with a date and time so you’re aware of when it was pumped and stored, as well as an expiration date so that you can dispose of anything that’s no longer good to use if you’re too late to the party and it expires.

Labeling each and every storage bag with an expiry date also makes it easier for you to go through your stock in a more organized fashion – going through the ones nearing their expiry date first, while keeping the ones that will last longer for later.

Let’s be real here, things tend to get real messy in refrigerators and freezers – which is completely normal in day to day life – so keeping your bags organized with labels is key to avoid losing track of what’s what.


Breast milk storage bags aren’t exactly the most expensive baby items you’ll be shopping for – nowhere near as expensive as some of the other baby items you’ll come across paths with soon enough – but you should nonetheless keep an eye out for the price you’re paying.

Our tip? Buy in bulk whenever you can. The way it usually works is: the higher count per pack you buy, the less you’ll pay per bag – and vice versa.

So, look for packs with a high bag count and you’ll likely find that you’re saving money if you compare costs.

How Many Breast Milk Storage Bags Do I Need?

The answer to this questions is: It depends.

It depends on your supply, it depends on how much of your baby’s feeding regimen you’re dedicating to feeding expressed breast milk as opposed to direct breastfeeding or bottle feeding formula milk, it depends on how far ahead you like to pump and store in preparation for, etc … It depends!

A good starting point would be to have around 40 bags and see how that works out with your pumping schedule and routine. If you need more or less bags, you can adjust from there until you find that sweet spot.

Important Information You Should Keep In Mind

Only Use Once

Never use a breast milk storage bag more than once, as this is not how these things are meant to be used.

Pre-sterilized breast milk storage bags can only be used one time before you have to dispose of the used bag in favor of a new one, and you cannot reuse the same pre-sterilized bag twice.

Many people think that if they wash a used bag thoroughly enough they’ll be able to re-use it again, but that’s just very bad practice.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, it hurts for you to throw these bags away after just one use from a cost saving point of view, but it’s something we’re all going to have to accept doing.

Buy In Bulk

Don’t be afraid to buy these storage bags in bulk and use them for a long time before you have to fill up on your stock again.

These storage bags are cheap enough as is, but you could save on even more money by buying in bulk.

When you buy a lower count of bags per pack, you’ll usually be paying a higher price per bag. On the other hand, when you buy in bulk and get a higher count of bags per pack, you’ll end up paying a less price per bag.

Just make sure you try a sample of the bag you plan to buy in bulk beforehand and are sure it meets your needs, or else you’ll have bought a large amount of something that you’ll want to return later on because it didn’t quite meet your expectations.

Check Your Breast Pump First

If you’re already using one of the best breast pumps on the market today, such as one of the Medela breast pumps, you’ll likely already have storage bags given to you that come with the pump.

Depending on which breast pump brand you’re using, these storage bags may vary in quality quite a bit.

As long as you’re using a high quality pump that’s stood the test of time, the storage bags that come with it are more than likely to be of high quality as well, in an attempt from the manufacturing company to maintain the brand’s well perceived image and not jeopardize it in any way.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Storage Bags Instead Of Bottles?

More Space

Any mother who has ever pumped breast milk into bottles before and stored these bottles in the refrigerator or freezer for later use knows firsthand how much space these things take up.

And unless you’ve got a refrigerator or freezer with ample space that’s not being used, you’ll likely be looking for ways to free up some valuable space inside and not the other way around.

The good news is that preserving your breast milk in storage bags instead takes up much less space than storing it in bottles.

Less Cost

Bottles are obviously way more expensive than breast milk storage bags, especially if you’re opting for some of the expensive ones and not cheap baby bottles.

So, if you’re buying lots of baby bottles for the sole purpose of storing breast milk, you’re not spending your money wisely.

This is especially true if you’re planning to store breast milk in bottles in the freezer for the long run and not store them in the refrigerator for the short term. In that case, be prepared to spend!

Less Time To Warm Up

Warming up baby bottles tends to take up way longer than warming breast milk storage bags, especially if you’re doing it the old fashioned way and not using a bottle warmer.

Less Washing

You’ll be using a storage bag for one time only, so there’s no washing or cleaning involved.

These bags aren’t reusable (not the best of news for eco-parents out there, but oh well – you can’t win ’em all). If used more than one time, they lose their pre-sterilized feature.

On the other hand, if you’re using baby bottles for breast milk storage purposes, you’ll spend longer on washing and cleaning.

Why Won’t Day To Day Storage Bags Be Enough?

If you’re asking yourself whether storing your breast milk in any storage bag you use on a day to day basis to preserve everything else food related, then we’ve got some bad news for you – the answer to that is unfortunately a big NO.

A sandwich bag may look almost the same as a breast milk storage bag, but there’s a drastic difference between the two.

While these sealable plastic bags may preserve different foods you have at home for different purposes, it won’t properly preserve something as delicate as expressed breast milk.

First of all, you can’t guarantee that stored breast milk won’t get contaminated in standard Ziploc bags you would find in just about any grocery store you go to – which, in turn, results in a sick baby because of their relatively weak immune system.

Even if you did manage to find a way to ensure the stored milk doesn’t get contaminated (which no one can), there’s no ensuring that leaks and spills don’t happen. So, all in all, it’s just a terrible idea to store your precious liquid gold in a standard bag.

As a matter of fact, the CDC strictly urges parents to never store any breast milk in disposable bottle liners or plastic bags that were not specifically designed to store breast milk. Bottle liners, for example, are terrible at withstanding milk freezing and thawing. They just weren’t designed with this in mind, so they’ll tear apart pretty easily when you put them through any of this.

Second of all, have you ever tried pouring milk out of Ziploc bags into bottles? If you have, you know from first hand experience how difficult of a task this tends to be without spilling much of it out. And you know what they say about crying over spilled milk!

This isn’t talking down on Ziploc bags, not at all – they just weren’t designed with pouring stored breast milk into bottles in mind. Breast milk storage bags, on the other hand, were specifically designed with this task in mind – which is why many of them have spouts to make this as easy as possible.

Can’t I Just Use My Baby’s Reusable Food Pouches?

If you’ve already got reusable baby food pouches at home that you use to feed your little one with, the idea of using those to store breast milk might have crossed your mind. After all, it’s all food in one way or another, right?

Well, not exactly so. It’s not advisable for you to fill your baby’s reusable food pouches with breast milk for storage.

Just like standard plastic bags, reusable food pouches weren’t designed for this and there’s way too many risks involved for this to be worth it.

Best Breast Milk Storage Bags – A More Detailed Look Into Our Top 10 Recommendations

Pick #1: Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Pouch

Kiinde’s storage pouches fit with their feeding system, which takes babies from breast milk to toddler food and beyond—a highlight you won’t find with lots of other brands on the market today.

Mom can pump directly into the pouches, and they fit into the brand’s feeding system, too.

To feed your baby with these, you will need to purchase the feeding bottle separately.

The pouches are compatible with the Kiinde bottles, plus nipples from other brands, and you can use them for baby food purees later. Most importantly, they function the same as drop-ins, too, keeping air out of your baby’s meal.

The versatility is a top feature, because pumping moms don’t need any extra stress over feeding time!

You can freeze these pouches, warm them in a baby food or bottle warmer, and try out different nipples to see what suits your baby best.

For moms who have often shed tears over spilled milk, skipping the transfer process is a great perk. Therefore, Kiinde’s Breast Milk Storage Twist Pouches are ideal for moms who pump frequently and prefer not to pour the milk multiple times.


  • No milk transfer; pump directly into the bags
  • Single-use, meaning you can toss them when you’re done
  • Choice of compatible bottles/nipples
  • Can freeze and store milk and baby food purees


  • Must purchase a pump adapter separately
  • Single-use can also be a con to some, as you can’t wash and re-use if that’s what you prefer to do
  • Can’t freeze flat due to bulky cap

Click Here To Check Price & Read Customer Reviews On Amazon

Pick #2: Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags

Another pre-sterilized storage bag moms can pump directly into, Lansinoh’s Breastmilk Storage Bags have recently undergone a face-lift. The bags now have reinforced seams, along with the same double zipper seal they’ve always used.

At the same time, the bags are trim enough to freeze flat, so you don’t need a whole lot of storage space for your freezer stash.

And here’s the clincher: if you already have a Lansinoh pump, you can use these bags to pump directly into, no adapter required. For other pump models, you’ll need to purchase an adapter separately, but most standard-neck pumps will work with these bags, too.

For most moms, the addition of an adapter means less time spent transferring milk and washing bottles.

Not all Lansinoh bags work with pumps, however; the brand notes their bags which are pump-compatible have white and purple flowers and a white line above the logo.

For moms who need the convenience of pumping directly into the breastmilk bags, Lansinoh’s bags are a great option. They’re also helpful for milk storage, especially if you have a large freezer stash.


  • Can pump directly into the bags
  • Compatible with Lansinoh pumps, no adapter needed
  • Double Click ‘n’ Secure seal
  • Freezes (and stores) flat
  • Pour spout for transferring milk


  • May need to purchase a pump adapter separately if you don’t use a Lansinoh already
  • Not all bag versions work with pumps

Click Here To Check Price & Read Customer Reviews On Amazon

Pick #3: NUK Seal N’ Go Breast Milk Bags

While most moms who pump won’t necessarily trust this feature, NUK’s bags do have a self-standing bottom. This can help with defrosting frozen milk and eliminates the need to hold the bag until you can get it into the fridge. Just seal and stand it up on the counter while you put your pump away.

A double zipper seal helps prevent leaks, and the reinforced bottom helps these bags feel sturdier than other bags.  And while these bags are pre-sterilized, they don’t involve a tear-off tab – so opening them is easy.

Transferring milk is made a bit easier with the stand-up feature, so you don’t have to juggle as much while pouring the milk for storage.

For moms who need a durable and reliable breastmilk storage solution and don’t mind pouring milk for feedings, NUK’s bags are a great option. They stand up easily for filling, the built-in spout helps you pour the milk more precisely, and they also freeze flat for storage.


  • Pour spout for milk transfers
  • Double zipper seal
  • Self-standing bottom (but can still freeze flat)
  • No tear-off tab to make opening easier


  • Not compatible with direct pumping
  • Some people complain about the ounce lines appearing to be inaccurate at times
  • Can have a strong “plastic” smell when you first open the package

Click Here To Check Price & Read Customer Reviews On Amazon

Pick #4: Medela Pump and Save Breast Milk Bags

Since Medela is one of the leading breast pump manufacturers, it’s not surprising they have their own line of breastmilk storage products.

Their Pump and Save Breast Milk Bags work for direct pumping across all Medela pumps (except the Sonata), and available adapters let you pump into the bags from any other brand pump, too.

When you receive the package of bags, it will come with two Easy-Connect Adapters to use with your pump, a handy feature considering most brands require a separate purchase.

Medela’s bags also have a stand-up bottom to reduce the odds of spills while storing and pouring milk.

For moms who need to store slightly smaller amounts of milk, Medela’s 5-ounce breastmilk bags are shorter and stouter. This, along with the stand-up bottom, makes them easy to handle when you’re measuring, pouring, freezing, and feeding.

The ample top “flap” gives you plenty of space to write milk information on, too.

These bags may also be ideal if you already own any one of Medela’s pumps, as you don’t need the adapter to use them. Of course, the included adapters per package of bags is helpful if you use another brand, too.


  • Can pump directly into the bag
  • Compatible with all Medela pumps
  • Protective oxygen barrier
  • Adapter included
  • Stand-up bottom


  • Narrow “mouth” on the bags

Click Here To Check Price & Read Customer Reviews On Amazon

Pick #5: Ameda Store N Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags

In a departure from the regular rectangular shape of most breastmilk storage bags, Ameda’s Store N Pour version also has a built-in spout. You can pump directly into the bag from most types of pumps but pouring is made simpler with the angled spout.

With a large enough volume of milk, the bottom of the Ameda breastmilk bags spreads out, allowing the bag to keep itself upright. You can also store these bags flat, though you may want to freeze before lying them down to avoid milk backing up into the “spout” area. But once you’re ready to reheat stored milk, pouring is simpler than ever!

The lower five-ounce capacity (many brands use six ounces as a standard) is ideal for moms who need to store smaller amounts of milk without feeling wasteful. They’re also great for parents who need to pour milk once it’s defrosted or warmed.

The tear-off (you may need scissors) spout avoids spillage from pouring via the zippered top.


  • Unique pour spout for transferring milk
  • Bags stand on their own, given enough volume in them
  • Can pump directly into the bags (requires an adapter)
  • Space for writing ounces/dates/etc above the zipper seal


  • No adapters included (separately available starter kit contains adapters)
  • Must cut the corner to use the pour spout

Click Here To Check Price & Read Customer Reviews On Amazon

Pick #6: Milkies Milk-Saver Breast Milk Collector

Although many moms’ bodies learn to regulate the milk flow, Milkies Milk-Saver storage units are a lifesaver for moms who leak from one side while feeding the baby on the other.

You can passively collect and store up to about two ounces of milk just while feeding your baby—no extra effort required.

Your purchase includes one breast milk collector reservoir with a lid. The unit also comes with a storage container for storing the milk saver when out and about. You do have to store the milk itself separately, however, once you’ve finished feeding your baby.

The Milkies Milk-Saver is a great option for moms who may not pump often but who want to “catch” the extra milk which would otherwise soak their shirts or nursing pads. It’s also helpful for moms who constantly “leak” but don’t want the milk to go to waste.

Instead of completely relying on a lengthy pumping process, you can simply “save up” the milk which flows easily on its own already.


  • Passive; catches milk while you feed from the other side
  • Reusable (can wash, but no boiling)
  • Can help relieve engorgement


  • One-size construction may not fit all moms
  • Not as “discreet” for smaller-breasted women as it might be for those with larger chests

Click Here To Check Price & Read Customer Reviews On Amazon

Pick #7: Philips AVENT Breast Milk Storage Bags

Although they aren’t compatible with direct pumping, Philips AVENT Breast Milk Storage Bags have their own AVENT-branded organizer to help with freezer or fridge storage.

Plus, the bags have an ample neck for easy filling—and the top allows for plenty of room to label your stash.

The top of each bag features a tear-off panel, so you know each bag is entirely sterile before usage. There’s also a double zipper to prevent leaks once you fill up the entire six-ounce bag.

The bottom also has a self-standing panel, so you can rest the bags on the counter while pouring or defrosting.

If you have trouble pouring with narrower-neck bags, Philips AVENT’s might be a great solution to your dilemma. Switching milk between containers is stressful enough, but with the large mouth of these bags, there’s less chance for spillage.

In combination with the self-standing bottom, the wider neck allows you to pour milk in the bags with fewer worries about spills. Use the similarly branded storage system, and all your milk storage needs are taken care of with ease.


  • Self-standing bottom
  • Wide neck for easy filling/pouring
  • Plenty of space to write milk information
  • Arrive sealed; must cut/tear to open
  • Avent makes an organizer to freeze the bags easily


  • Not compatible with direct pumping
  • Measurements may be a bit off
  • Tear-off tops can tear jagged; makes pouring difficult at times

Click Here To Check Price & Read Customer Reviews On Amazon

Pick #8: Dr. Brown’s Breastmilk Storage Bags

Plenty of parents swear by Dr. Brown’s bottles for feeding their babies, and their breastmilk storage bags don’t disappoint, either. The material is thick and the bags can hold up to six ounces, plus the gusseted bottom helps the bags stand up on their own.

Of course, the bags are not advertised for direct pumping, but the ample opening makes pouring from bottles simple. You can also rest assured these bags are sterile; they include a perforated top to keep them sealed before use.

The bags accommodate up to six ounces of expressed milk, and when they are completely full, this is when they stand up best. Of course, you can also lie them flat to freeze them in the ideal shape for storage.

The strong seams resist breakage, making these some of the thickest bags we’ve looked at.

If you’re looking for a durable and thick breastmilk storage bag for transport or long-term storage, Dr. Brown’s may be the best option for you.

Once you transfer the milk and label it, you can store these bags upright or lying mostly flat. The thick plastic and ample gussets help prevent leaks or punctures so your baby’s milk stays safe.


  • Double zip top for security
  • Perforated top to ensure the bags remain sterile until use
  • Gusseted bottom for self-standing
  • Thick material


  • Not compatible with direct pumping
  • Gusseted bottom changes bag shape; no longer freezes completely flat when full

Click Here To Check Price & Read Customer Reviews On Amazon

Pick #9: Mommy’s Precious Breastmilk Storage Bags

Mommy’s Precious Breastmilk Storage Bags are self-standing thanks to the gusseted bottoms, so there’s less chance of spillage as you transfer milk. The pre-sterilized bags feature a tear-off tab for cleanliness, too.

One of the most important features with these bags is the eight-ounce capacity. Most breastmilk storage bags accept between five and six ounces, while these can handle an entire Dr. Brown’s or another brand eight-ounce bottle. This is helpful for older breastfed babies who would otherwise require two bags of milk per meal.

Many moms even find they can fit more than the recommended eight ounces into these bags – though with freezing, this might not be possible (at least not for everyone that tries to).

And if you want the most accurate measurement in ounces, you’ll need to ensure the bottom gussets are adequately spread open.

For moms with voracious eaters or high-capacity storage needs, these eight-ounce breastmilk storage bags from Mommy’s Precious are a great option.

The measurement lines are also more accurate than most other brands, which helps gives moms peace of mind without measuring and re-measuring after expressing milk.


  • Accommodates up to eight ounces per bag
  • Tear-off sanitary tab
  • Gusseted self-standing bottoms
  • Highly accurate measurement lines
  • Freeze flat


  • Can be a bit difficult to open due to tear-off tabs
  • Material is stiff and can be difficult to manage at times
  • Not compatible with direct pumping

Click Here To Check Price & Read Customer Reviews On Amazon

Pick #10: Nurture Right Breastmilk Storage Bags

Another self-standing breastmilk storage bag which has self-standing construction, the Nurture Right bags are pre-sterilized with a perforated top safety seal.

And the highlight with this brand is their company is one of the most responsive in terms of customer service; they are on top of follow-up and want to make sure their customers are satisfied at all times.

These bags freeze flat and feature a double zip seal to keep your milk fresh. The material is thick enough to make the bags retain their shape once you open them up.

The self-standing feature makes them easier to fill since you’ll need to pour the milk into them as they’re incompatible with direct pumping.

With the structured bags, it’s easy to stow them flat until they freeze, then stack them up in the freezer for streamlined storage.

These bags are ideal for moms who need a reliable six-ounce breastmilk storage bag which seals thoroughly and stands up to long-term storage, freezing, and thawing.

Also, you can expect that in the odd case you receive a bad batch, the company will follow up and at least replace the product, if not offer other solutions to whatever issue you’re having with the item.


  • Self-standing bags
  • Double zip seal
  • Freezes flat
  • Perforated top safety seal
  • Stiff material is durable and stands upright with ease


  • Not compatible with direct pumping
  • Can sometimes be difficult to re-open once sealed
  • Can be difficult to open sterile seal (cutting is preferable to tearing)

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