Best Breast Pump Bags In 2019: Roomy & Convenient!

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April 27, 2019

Breast pumps and accessories make up an entire industry, with new moms usually making up the bulk of the interest.

Of course, with all the “stuff” new parents are bombarded with and constantly told they need for their babies, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Truth be told, there’s so much gear and items you don’t need right from the very start – or possibly don’t need at all – but breast pump bags don’t fall in that category.

Breast pump bags are very helpful tools for many moms who need to make sure they’re keeping up with their pumping schedules and staying on top of everything going on with their busy lives and responsibilities at the same time.

Whether you pump part-time or rely exclusively on your breast pump to make all the milk you feed your baby, keeping it handy is a must—and a breast pump bag fits the bill.

In this article, we’ll be discussing what breast pump bags exactly are, why they’re helpful, who needs one, what different types are available to choose from, and what features to look for so you know you’re getting something of good quality.

Before we get into all of that, though, the following is a quick list of what we believe to be some of the best breast pump bags of today.

Best Breast Pump Bags – a Quick Look at Our Top 10 Recommendations

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What is a Breast Pump Bag?

With over half of moms still nursing their infants at six months postpartum, there are a lot of ladies out there carrying pumps both to and from wherever they’re going.

In this section, we’ll look at what breast pump bags are and how they can help moms on the go.

Not Just Another Diaper Bag

In short, a breast pump bag is a specialized bag which a mom uses to transport her breast pump and other necessary pumping supplies with her wherever she’s going.

While most parents typically carry a diaper bag for their babies with wipes in it, as well as diapers and other essential items stored inside – a pumping mother can’t fit all of that equipment in just a diaper bag.

Generally, for moms who nurse their babies directly, there’s no need for a pump or a pump bag while they’re out with their little ones in tow.

However, for moms who exclusively pump, they need to bring their pumps, equipment, and storage containers with them to just about everywhere they go. As for moms who work or travel outside the house and away from their breastfed babies, there’s a need for portable pumping supplies.

A breast pump bag offers moms a place to stow all their necessary pumping equipment in an orderly and convenient way.

Something Special (And Fancy) For Mom

For many working moms, the workplace can be somewhere they can feel more like ‘adults’ after being home with the baby for such a long time, and serves as a good change of routine.

For others, though, it can feel even more stressful. Not only are they away from their babies and constantly thinking about all the “hows” and “what ifs” that come to mind, but some moms tend to over-stress about their milk production, pumping schedules, and everything else related to feeding their little ones.

Having a functional (and even stylish pump bag to take your mind off all that stressful stuff) can help make going back to work a whole lot easier. A mom who feels well-prepared, confident, and relaxed about pumping (and breastfeeding in general) is more productive – both in terms of milk and work.

Having a well-stocked breast pump bag is a huge part of getting ready for work and being prepared for any possible scenario. And when a working mom needs to pump three or more times a day, she definitely needs to be ready for anything!

Who Needs a Breast Pump Bag?

While most women are guilty of having more handbags than they need (I know I am), it doesn’t mean we don’t need at least one breast pump bag, too!

The following section will talk all about who needs a breast pump bag, and why.

Moms Whose Pumps Won’t Fit Elsewhere

For a lot of working moms, the only way to ensure a full milk supply is to use a hospital-grade pump. In many cases, though, the problem is that a hospital-grade pump takes up more space than other more portable ones.

The Medela Lactina, for example, may not fit in just any bag. Therefore, some moms need a bag with enough space to hold not just their bulky pump, but also all the necessary supplies to go with it.

A Mom Who Has to Travel Often

Traveling presents an entirely different set of challenges for pumping moms. Not only do moms who travel need to cart around a pump, but they may also need extra batteries or an alternate power source, a backup pump, plus plenty of milk storage containers or bags.

With all these things to carry around, it makes sense to have a designated pump bag to make life easier.

With a designated spot for all her pump parts, it’s less likely a traveling mama will leave anything behind! Plus, some bags make it easier to store milk alongside the pump, rather than carting an extra cooler for keeping milk chilled.

Moms Whose Pumps Are Borrowed/Rented

In some cases, moms need to be extra careful with their pumps because they’re rentals.

Of course, no mom wants her pump to become damaged (rental or not), but moms who are paying for a rental (or temporarily borrowing a pump from a friend or local agency) will want to ensure against any bumps and breakage.

A special breast pump bag helps to protect the pump and keep it from rubbing up against potentially damaging items in a backpack, diaper bag, or purse. Also, a breast pump bag is often a more accessible and handy choice than the utilitarian lunch-sack type bags that most rental pumps come in!

A Mom Whose Work Space Is Close Quarters

Some ladies are lucky enough to have their own private offices they work in. In those cases, it’s not too difficult to unpack a breast pump and then leave it set up for the rest of the day. Many working moms even opt to keep a pump at the office just to avoid carrying things back and forth!

For most of us, though, keeping a second pump at work is not only financially infeasible, but there’s also just not space for it.

Depending on where you work and what role you have, you might not have access to a private office. You might pump in a shared lactation room or another location where you can’t leave your pump. In these instances, it’s helpful to have one bag which contains everything you need, wherever you wind up pumping.

When Should I Get a Breast Pump Bag?

In general, the best time to purchase a breast pump bag is as soon as you know how frequently you’ll be pumping and where you will be doing so most.

If you are a stay at home parent, for example, and you plan to nurse your child directly, you might only use a pump in limited circumstances at home. In contrast, if you are planning to pump exclusively—without nursing the baby directly—then you will want to have all your equipment ready to go with you.

For moms who exclusively pump, being mobile is the most crucial part of the experience, and a well-equipped breast pump bag helps achieve the highest level of preparation. So, moms who plan to pump often should aim to get their breast pump bag sorted out early on, even before delivery if they want to start pumping immediately after birth.

Other moms who may be returning to work after maternity leave will want to ensure they have a pump and bag ready to go for the first day back at the workplace. Of course, even moms who have a more extended maternity leave might want to get their pump bag ready early on, just in case any feeding issues arise.

What Different Types of Breast Pump Bags Can I Choose From?

While there are endless designs and shapes available, breast pump bags come in three main distinct styles: totes, backpacks, and cooler versions.

In the following sections, we’ll go into more details about each type, what it offers, and who it suits best.


A tote is the most common type of breast pump bag you’ll likely come across.

Totes usually feature straps to sling over your shoulder and most closely resemble a diaper bag or large purse. Totes can have end compartments or other zippered areas to allow easy pump access without opening the top of the bag.

Totes are ideal for moms who need to carry other items in addition to their pumps. They’re often quite spacious inside and can look just as stylish as any other ladies’ tote bag as well. A breast pump tote can be a dressy or casual bag, depending on each mom’s style and taste, and can even hold a separate cooler if needed.

A tote might be a great fit for you if you need to carry a larger pump or lots of extra supplies, or if you plan to ditch your purse altogether and just carry a single bag for all your items.


A backpack breast pump bag is convenient for moms with a subway commute or any other scenario which requires them to be hands-free. Wearing your pump and other equipment in a backpack is convenient and means you can also carry a purse or other items as necessary.

Backpack pump bags typically use a zippered compartment for pump access, plus offer other pockets to hold supplies like spare tubing, pump bottles, and more. Backpacks are also often top-access, apart from the pump area, meaning you can place items on top and access them without fighting to get around your pump parts and tubing.

However, some moms might feel a backpack design is a bit “immature” for them. After all, our kids wear backpacks to school, so some moms might feel the style isn’t right for them. With that being said, not everyone feels this way or cares what other people seeing them wearing one might think – and for moms who may lead more active lifestyles, backpack-style pump bags are probably the most convinient!

A backpack-style pump bag might be an excellent fit for you if:

  • Your pump is smaller.
  • You walk a lot or have an active commute.
  • You also plan to carry another bag or purse for your non-pumping essentials.
  • You have back problems. Some sources suggest carrying a two-shoulder bag is better for posture and overall back health. Therefore, if you have back problems already, a backpack might be better than a single-shoulder tote.

Backpack or Tote with Cooler

While there are both backpack and tote bag options without coolers, cooler breast pump bags are in a category all on their own.

Many breast pump bags might have some basic insulation, but cooler totes have a designated, well-insulated area for moms to store their milk (and maybe their lunch, too!).

In smaller backpack bags, a flip-top area can separate the cooler from the storage area. In totes, the refrigerated section might be one half of the bag or a cooler might come with the kit and remove entirely.

A tote or backpack with a built-in cooler is a great option for moms who know they’ll need to chill and transport milk. If you don’t have a refrigerator available at work, for example, investing in a cooler tote is a helpful—and necessary—step.

Moms who don’t plan to store milk on the go, however, may not need an insulated or cooler tote, which means this isn’t the best fit for them.

What Should I Look for in a Breast PUMP Bag?

With so many options, features, and cute styles out there to choose from, moms have a lot to consider when shopping for a breast pump bag!

With that being said, the following list discusses the most important features and criteria to look for when shopping around for a breast pump bag, as well as an explanation about why these things matter.

Pump Access Section

The primary reason moms shop for breast pump bags is convenience. After all, digging around in your purse (with a small pump) or diaper bag (for larger pumps) is no fun when you’re in a time crunch to get everything done as quickly as possible!

Fortunately, access slots are one of the top features in breast pump bags that solve this problem.

Whether it’s a backpack or tote style, most bags include zipper sections so you can access your pump without removing it from the bag every time you want to use it.

Of course, for some moms, this isn’t a deal breaker – especially if they already have enough room to spread out their pumping supplies.

For many other moms, however, not only are we in a hurry, but we also don’t have a lot of space to set items out. Plus, who knows how clean the surfaces are, depending on where we wind up pumping!

Keeping the pump inside the bag is not only convenient, but also potentially much more hygienic. Not to mention it makes setup and breakdown of the pump much faster.

Capacity/Pump Compatibility

With so many pump makes and models available nowadays, size and compatibility are some of the main features to look for in a breast pump bag.

Plenty of bags highlight nearly universal compatibility across brands. However, for moms with particularly small pumps, you might be carrying around a bulky bag for no reason. Finding a bag with the right measurements is very important first step!

Thankfully, there’s a suitable bag out there for just about every type of pump, and most are compatible with at least a handful of models.

Washable Materials

Let’s be honest: every mom unintentionally spills milk at some point, and who wants to walk around smelling like sour milk? So, washable materials are high on many moms’ lists for breast pump bag features.

Adorable prints and handy features are great and all, but if you can’t wash your bag—or at least wipe it down with mild soap—it won’t last as long as you need it to.

For that reason, sticking with synthetic materials or cotton blends that can be easily washed is a safe bet.

Staging Mat

One of the neatest features today’s breast pump bags come with is a staging mat.

Much like a diaper changing mat, this padded piece helps keep germs away. You can use the mat to place your supplies on and keep everything off surfaces, protecting your precious milk and keeping potential messes off your desk or any other area you don’t want to get dirty.

Some moms prefer to carry their own ‘staging’ materials, such as burp rags, hand towels, or just a pile of paper towels. However, a staging mat is a handy addition for moms who prefer an all-in-one pump bag kit.


Most breast pump bags are at least somewhat insulated, in the interest of preserving mom’s hard work!

However, many bags do not contain enough insulation to actually keep milk at the right temperature, and the thickness of the insulation can affect how long you can safely store it.

While breastmilk is safe at room temperatures for about four hours, most moms know they need to put their milk on ice during their work day or commute.

If a fridge isn’t available for you to use at the time, an insulated bag is helpful, but thick insulation is crucial. Otherwise, you will lose the chill, even if you have plenty of ice packs.

Cooler Bag/Section

In contrast with breast pump bags with insulation, dedicated cooler bags (or bags with cooler sections) work harder to keep milk stores cold.

Just like lunch boxes or standalone coolers, many types of breast pump bags have special cooling sections to help preserve milk.

Many bags have a separate zippered or flip-top section to keep the milk and other cold items away from the pump and other parts. Some bags even incorporate a lunchbox design, which works great for both a mom’s food and her baby’s meal.

In general, moms can expect ice packs in an insulated cooler to keep their milk at a safe temperature. A 59-degree temperature is safe for breastmilk for up to 24 hours, but you’ll need to invest in a thermometer to ensure the cooler is chilled enough.

Laptop Sleeve/Padding

For many working moms, they not only need to transport a pump and supplies, but also a laptop and other work items in a bag as well.

Many bags are large enough to carry a pump, milk storage materials, and even a laptop and your other work necessities all at once, so you’ll want to opt for those.

If carrying a laptop to and from work is part of your job, then considering a breast pump bag with a laptop sleeve or dedicated padding is a great idea. Of course, this isn’t a requirement for all moms, but for those who work in an office environment, it can be a very helpful addition.

Right Measurements

Of course, it’s not too difficult for manufacturers to make bags that fit all kinds of pumps – regardless of size, shape, or power access requirements. However, it remains a good idea to make sure the measurements are on point before picking a bag based on looks alone.

A Note About Brand-Specific Breast Pump Bags

Some breast pump brands even make their own carrying bags or backpacks.

Depending on the make and model of the breast pump you buy (or borrow), it might come with its own bag. Alternatively, the brand may sell a bag separately which suits your model of pump.

Best Breast Pump Bags – A More Detailed Look Into Our Top 10 Recommendations

Now that you know all about the importance of carrying a breast pump bag around with you whenever you’re out of the house, as well as what you should look for, let’s have a more detailed look at what we believe to be some of the best breast pump bags of today.

Dr. Brown’s Breast Pump Carryall Tote

Dr. Brown's Breast Pump Carryall Tote, Gray

A tote bag with plenty of interior space, Dr. Brown’s Breast Pump Carryall Tote can probably carry it all! The inside is roomy with lots of pockets for storing essentials, including a sleeve for laptops.

Exterior access to the pump (via a zip-open panel) makes getting to what you need easy, especially given the roominess of the inside.

This bag is an excellent budget option because it fits most pumps (including the awkwardly-shaped Spectra) with room to spare for other essentials as well.

There are deep pockets for organization, a secure zipper top, and space to fit an insulated milk storage or lunch bag (not included).

Clean-up is quite easy with the wipeable fabric, and the neutral grey color can hide a bit of dirt, too.

Another notable thing about this choice is that although you might have purchased the Tote specifically for your pump supplies, it can easily double as a diaper bag, too.

And while it’s a tote style, there’s also a cross-body strap to help distribute the bag’s weight evenly.


  • Ample interior space for more than just the pump/accessories.
  • Multiple compartments for laptop/storage.
  • Fits most pumps (including Spectra).


  • Deep pockets can sometimes be hard to access.
  • No dividers, just large and deep pockets.


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Sarah Wells Lizzy Breast Pump Bag

Sarah Wells Lizzy Breast Pump Bag (Gray)

Sarah Wells has a reputation for delivering on pumping moms’ expectations for their bags, and the Sarah Wells Lizzy Breast Pump Bag definitely makes our list.

This bag has that elusive separate pump compartment, which allows you to keep your pump secure and accessible, along with multiple interior storage areas.

One of those storage areas is an insulated cooler, ideal for moms who don’t want to carry an extra bag inside their pump tote.

And if you fill the lightweight bag to the point where it feels heavy, you can use the adjustable body strap to help take the pressure off your shoulder.

Multiple zipper compartments help divvy up your stuff, including a laptop or other work items, and the structure of the bag ensures it won’t flop over while you look for what you need (or while you’re pumping).

Plus, Sarah Wells has a history of overseeing her products, and she takes customer feedback into serious consideration, meaning the Lizzy has had updates over time (including adding structured sides).


  • The sides unbutton for more storage/fitting bulky items.
  • Interior insulated storage area for milk.
  • Separate pump compartment.


  • Doesn’t fit the Spectra S1/S2 very well.


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The New Yorker Pump Bag by Charlie G

The New Yorker Breast Pump Bag by Charlie G, Black/Gold (Large)

The Charlie G New Yorker is another mom-created pump bag with a handful of features which make pumping on the go easier than ever.

First off, there are two separate insulated compartments for milk storage (and maybe even your lunch), plus two other storage compartments to hold essentials.

There’s a laptop sleeve to keep your computer protected, and you don’t have to wedge it in between other items since it has a dedicated space. You can even stow documents in this storage area, and the shape of the compartment ensures they’ll stay flat.

Four separate, zippered storage areas mean no rummaging around for what you need; it’s all easily organized and separated.

And while it’s a larger bag, like most pump options, the New Yorker’s black styling and heavy-duty hardware make it look like a purse rather than a pumping tote.

Although the New Yorker in the Large size has tons of storage space, moms who like the look but want a smaller bag can choose the Mini instead. The Mini is four inches shorter and three inches narrower than the Large, potentially the perfect size for pumping moms with a little less to pack.


  • Separate zipper compartments allow for organization.
  • Stylish and looks more like a purse than a pump tote.
  • Different size options available to suit different needs.


  • Some people feel it loses some shape when not fully packed.
  • Zippers can sometimes feel a bit difficult to manage.


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Sarah Wells Kelly Convertible Breast Pump Bag and Backpack

Sarah Wells Kelly Convertible Breast Pump Bag and Backpack (Black and White)

For versatility, the Sarah Wells Kelly Convertible Breast Pump Bag and Backpack might just be the best option for you.

It’s both an over-the-shoulder tote and a backpack. For pumping moms with a long commute (or even those who might have back problems), wearing the bag as a backpack helps distribute weight evenly across the body.

The pump section is “XXL” according to the designer of the bag, so you can expect nearly any pump to fit. (Still, it doesn’t hurt to make sure of measurements and dimensions first, before you buy).

Plus, when you’re not using the pump section, you can collapse the pump “pocket” and use the rest of the interior of the bag for other items. The conversion could mean better longevity for moms even after they’re done pumping.

Two fun color options (the third option is plain black) help this pumping bag look more like a stylish shoulder bag.

Plus, it has an easy-access pump section, which stows separately from the rest of the bag’s contents. And unlike other styles of Sarah Wells bags, this one has ample space for even the biggest pumps (such as the Spectra).

The pump section is also insulated, so you can pack your milk in the pump pocket, away from the other contents of your bag (like your laptop—a sleeve is included).


  • Collapsible pump section means easy conversion to a regular backpack/diaper bag.
  • Fun style options and a non-pump-bag look.
  • Pump pocket is insulated (can fit a small milk cooler).


  • Some people might feel that wearing can be somewhat difficult due to the pump weighing down one side.
  • Some people might feel that strap placement is a bit awkward (too wide).


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Sarah Wells Pumparoo

Sarah Wells Pumparoo Wet/Dry Bag for Breast Pump Parts (Black and White)

When looking for a breast pump bag, you’re very likely to come across references to the Sarah Wells Pumparoo, which is an essential many moms swear by.

The Pumparoo is a combination wet/dry bag and staging mat. Moms can pack this with their pump kit and always have a waterproof place to stow clean (and later wet) pump parts.

And for moms who must pump in places which aren’t always sanitary, the staging mat (which detaches from the Pumparoo bag) helps keep things clean.

You can toss it in the washer or choose to hand wash, and it can even go in the fridge if you prefer to conceal both your pump parts and your expressed milk.

The staging mat unsnaps from the wet bag, and the whole assembly folds up for storage in your pump bag or in a drawer.

Rather than carrying a bulky towel or another prep mat, you can carry the trim (and easily washable) Pumparoo, and know that your parts will always be clean.

Lots of moms also prefer a Pumparoo to resealable plastic bags as they’re eco friendly and help conceal the contents of the bag, regardless of whether the items are clean or dirty.


  • Machine washable for convenience.
  • Fits multiple breast pump assemblies (shield plus valves and bottles) or bottles/lids.
  • Keeps pump parts clean while prepping for a pump session.


  • Interior corners can sometimes be tough to get clean in the washing machine.


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Bananafish Breast Pump Backpack

Bananafish Madison Electric Breast Pump Backpack - Cute Portable Carrying Bag Great for Travel or Storage - Accessory and Cooler Pockets - Fits Most Major Brands Including Medela and Spectra

For moms looking for a more traditional backpack style bag which accommodates all their pumping necessities, the Bananafish Breast Pump Backpack has the right look.

There are multiple storage areas and also mesh pockets for holding a variety of items, and some moms might find they can comfortably fit their smaller electric pumps in these pockets.

On one end of the backpack is a zip-open panel to access a milk cooler (not included), but depending on the size of your pump, you may be able to fit it in.

Otherwise, the main compartment of the bag can hold the pump, leaving plenty of room for other items in the smaller compartments.

Part of what we really love about this breast pump bag is its storage configurations.

Depending on the size and shape of your pump, whether you carry a cooler or not, and what other items you need to pack – all of this will affect where you put each item. In this bag, you have plenty of choices for stowing everything regardless of how big (or small) your pump is.

Also, if it’s especially important for you to find a budget-friendly pumping bag with lots of features, this one might be a great choice!


  • Fold-out panel for keeping pump parts off surfaces.
  • Styled like a backpack; taller rather than wide.
  • A variety of pockets/sized compartments for multiple storage configurations.


  • Side pocket is for a cooler, and doesn’t fit all sizes of pumps.
  • Top pockets tend to be small (main compartment is deep).


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Kaylaa Premium Breast Pump Bag

Kaylaa Premium Breast Pump Bag (Luxury Stripe)

Kaylaa calls its Kaylaa Premium Breast Pump Bag style “timeless,” which brings relief to pumping moms everywhere.

For those of us who don’t want to look like we’re carrying a breast pump, a stylish bag helps draw a more positive type of attention.

Both ends of the bag feature zip-open compartments and both are insulated, giving you flexibility on where you stow your pump and milk. The compartments are also collapsible for even more interior storage space if you need it.

A padded laptop pocket lets you continue with business as usual, but there are also four interior pockets for storing other smaller items as well. Of course, you have a spacious internal compartment to use, too.

The handle style does resemble purse straps rather than heavy-duty pumping bag ones, but if you’re picturing yourself slinging a fashionable bag over your arm, this might be the perfect pumping solution for you.

After all, with either the stripe or bright orange and white options, these don’t look like most other pump bags!


  • Two insulated, spill-resistant compartments for either pump or milk storage.
  • Does not look like a pump bag at first glance; even the side compartments are concealed.
  • Side compartments are collapsible for more internal storage space.


  • Somewhat tight fit for the Spectra and other similarly shaped/sized pumps.


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Sarah Wells Claire Breast Pump Bag

Sarah Wells Claire Breast Pump Bag (Black)

The exterior of the Sarah Wells Claire Breast Pump Bag is a bit muted, but inside, you’ll find a pop of color and plenty of features ideal for the traveling (or commuting) mom.

Thermally-lined side pockets help keep milk cool (and protect against spills), which is a must for long trips, and there’s a special ‘pocket’ on the back for connecting the bag to your luggage.

Two interior pockets are sized to fit your pump; there is a “medium” pocket and one “large,” so whatever model pump you have, there’s a very good chance that you’ll be able to carry it with ease.

Fitting a bigger pump (such as the Spectra) might be a tight squeeze, but it’s not impossible (as it might be with some other pumping bag options).

And from the two end compartments to the top cell phone pocket, there’s no shortage of storage in this ample bag.

A laptop can slide in too, making the Claire a top choice for those moms who are naturally stylish and those who want to keep their pumping discreet.

Whether it’s a weekend trip you’re going to or just a quick flight you need to catch, the Claire bag might be the perfect companion if you want a corporate look without sacrificing the convenience of a multi-functional breast pump bag.


  • Open “pocket” allows you to hook the bag to your suitcase/rolling luggage.
  • Structured and doesn’t ‘slump’ when partly filled.


  • Might be a tight fit for some pump sizes (zipping up without turning on the pump/pinching tubing can be tricky sometimes).


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Sarah Wells Abby Breast Pump Bag

Sarah Wells Abby Breast Pump Bag with Real Leather Straps (Black)

Some moms want a pumping bag which more closely resembles a purse, one that specifically includes features like leather straps – and the Sarah Wells Abby Breast Pump Bag delivers on the request!

The exterior is nondescript (yet fashionable), and the interior is all about pumping convenience.

Two internal compartments fit your pump and cooler, or anything else you want to put inside. Then, the compartments collapse while not in use, making the bag versatile as a weekend tote or even for double duty as a diaper bag.

A total of eight pockets (including mesh storage spots) provide plenty of organization for those mamas who hate digging into the bottoms of their bags for supplies.

In the midst of chaos and when you need an item instantly, no one has time to go dig deep and go through a pile of stuff to find what they need!

Although it has the capacity for pumps and milk, the Abby has a reputation for making even non-lactating coworkers jealous of pumping moms.

The style most resembles a traditional purse or tote, from the leather straps and details to the interior fabric and streamlined style.

Moms can even transition into using this bag as a regular work or travel bag once they’re done pumping; just collapse the internal compartments and no one will be the wiser.


  • Two collapsible internal compartments.
  • Real leather straps and accents.
  • Traditional “purse” feel with special pump features.


  • Internal compartments, when in use, tend to take up a lot of the interior space.
  • Shoulder straps are not the most comfortable.


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Jay Elle by J. L. Childress Breast Pump Bag 6-Piece Set

jay elle by J.L. Childress Breast Pump Bag 6-Piece Set (Duchess)

For the new mom who needs it all, the Jay Elle by J.L. Childress Breast Pump Bag 6-Piece Set takes the stress out of going back to work with a pump.

The set includes the bag itself, a cooler, a wet bag, an accessory pouch, and a clean-up cloth.

The quilted version of this bag is vegan leather and is aptly named “Duchess”—probably because it has a luxurious feel, complete with gold-colored hardware and leather-look straps and accents.

And if you’re looking for a budget pick which includes some of the most sought-after accessories (the accessory pouch and cooler), this might be the right fit for you.

The cooler has four compartments for bottles and fits inside the bag (a huge issue for many moms purchasing their bags and coolers separately), and the interior has plenty of space for just about any size pump.

The accessory bag (a mesh pouch) contains all those small parts during travel, while the wet bag keeps either clean or wet items contained.

Plus, with the trendy style, it won’t look out of place in the work environment or wherever else mom needs to go.


  • Includes an accessory pouch and cooler.
  • Ample size for most pumps (and access zipper is not a specifically-sized pouch).


  • Internal space lacks compartments/dividers.


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Are There Any Alternatives to Purchasing a Breast Pump Bag?

Not all moms need a breast pump bag, but most parents already realize there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to anything that has to do with infant feeding or parenting in general.

Of course, there are alternatives to breast pump bags which might be feasible for certain moms.

Any mom can carry her breast pump with her in almost any bag, but while we can’t argue a breast pump bag is always necessary, it does have plenty of features the average bag doesn’t.

Of course, for some moms, a simple bag can work just fine, so here’s more on the subject.

Carrying a Small Pump in a Purse

Women who use a small breast pump with its own battery may not need a large bag at all. In fact, moms who use a rechargeable handheld pump that doesn’t take up too much space can likely drop their pump into their purses without any issue.

Of course, packing supplies and milk storage containers is another story, and we don’t advise you try to do that in a purse. However, for many women who just need to carry a small pump (and nothing more) for occasional milk expression, their existing purse should be good enough.

Using a Diaper Bag or Backpack

An old diaper bag or backpack can make a passable breast pump bag for most moms, assuming they’re still in good condition, of course.

Diaper bags tend to have slots to hold bottles, which is convenient for storing the containers before you fill them, and backpacks have a myriad of pockets you can use.

For moms who don’t need to see their pumps or access the front to plug in the tubing or make cycle adjustments, a drop-in type bag can work just fine for pumping. Moms who remove their pump from their bag entirely likely won’t notice any inconvenience, either.


Whether you’re a working mom or one who relies on her pump exclusively to make milk, a breast pump bag might be one of the best purchases you’ll ever make.

Keeping all your pump parts and equipment contained, clean, and staying fashionable all throughout are just a few of the benefits that grabbing an excellent pump tote has to offer.

Knowing what to look for is part of the struggle, though, as is with just about everything else you’ll ever buy for your parenting needs. But with these guidelines, it’s way easier to figure out what you need and how to find it.

With a handy pump bag, you can keep on making milk in the most comfortable and convenient way possible, no matter where you go.

Happy pumping!


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