Best Nursing & Maternity Pajamas – (2018’s Top 10)

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November 24, 2018

Welcome (or welcome back) to the wonderful world of nursing! When you’re breastfeeding a little one, there are a few things you need to keep in mind at all times.

The baby, his/her nutritional needs and comfort are pretty much at the top of the list, but don’t forget about yourself! You are, after all, the primary vessel of food for your baby. It’s important that your needs are met just as equally.

Sleep is perhaps one of the most basic needs a person has. If you’re not sleeping well on a consistent basis, it will affect your entire life. Not enough sleep, or poor sleep, will result in low-energy, lack of mental clarity, and crankiness about life in general.

You likely don’t need me to tell you this because, with a new baby, you’re probably intimately aware of all this. (Sorry about that.) Don’t worry, though, I have good news for you!

But before we get into all of that, and just in case you’re time-starved and don’t need all those details for the time-being, have a quick look at what we believe to be some of the best maternity and nursing pajamas you can seek comfort in today.

Best Nursing Pajamas – A Quick Look At Our Top 10 Recommendations

Pick #1: SUIEK Women’s Cami Nursing Tank Top
Pick #2: Ekouaer Women’s Long Sleeve PJ Set
Pick #3: Ekouaer Striped Nursing Nightgown
Pick #4: Ekouaer Womens Maternity Nursing Pajama
Pick #5: Kindred Bravely Angelina Ultra Soft Nursing Nightgown
Pick #6: Molliya Women’s Cotton Maternity Nursing Pajama
Pick #7: CAKYE Maternity Nursing Nightgown
Pick #8: SUIEK Nursing Tops for Maternity and Breastfeeding
Pick #9: Kindred Bravely Davy Ultra Soft Maternity & Nursing Pajamas
Pick #10: GYS Maternity Nursing Pjs

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How Nursing Benefits Your Sleep

This might sound like the exact opposite of everything you’re experiencing right now, but nursing actually has benefits for your sleeping habits that you might not even be aware of.

1) More Iron

When a woman breastfeeds, she will likely experience a lengthy interruption in her menstruation. Finally, a perk!

It’s not certain how long this period of time will last, though. It differs from woman to woman, but it will probably be several weeks or months (largely depending on how long she continues to breastfeed).

The absence of a period allows your body to build up its stores of iron, which likely took a hit during pregnancy.

Iron deficiency has been linked to insomnia, among other health concerns (Neuropathic Doctor News & Review).

A boost in your body’s iron levels is capable of helping restore and promote healthy sleeping habits. Score!

2) More Sleep

Research actually suggests that breastfeeding promotes more sleep for momma.

Dr. Kendall-Tackett, a health psychologist and lactation consultant, found that ladies who exclusively breastfeed actually get more sleep than their supplementing or formula-feeding counterparts (Clinical Lactation).

But What About Nighttime Feedings?

I know what you’re thinking: What about nighttime feedings? Wouldn’t you call that a huge interruption to your sleep?

After all, your partner is zero help in this scenario. At least a bottle-fed baby will accept a bottle from other people, letting mommy skip at least some of the overnight feedings.

The truth is, nighttime nursing should be a painless and simple interaction with your baby.

Yes, you’ll have to wake up for every feeding but as long as you have the right pair of nursing pajamas, you’ll be able to get that kiddo fed and have both of you back asleep within minutes!

Why Do I Need Nursing Pajamas?

If your baby is just a few months old (or less) then you’re probably nursing overnight. Several times. Every single night. Such is life with a newborn, but hang in there, it’ll all get better soon!

Those first few weeks of baby’s life are among the most challenging for both your sleep and your sanity.

To minimize the frustration of waking up once every other hour for nursing sessions, you need to make sure what you’re “sleeping” in (I’m using the term loosely) in is conducive for breastfeeding.

Nursing pajamas will allow you to quickly get to your breasts so you can feed your baby then close up shop until the next round.

The time you save by not fumbling around in the dark to get situated, and tossing and turning in discomfort to get back to sleep, will really add up!

What Should I Look For In The Best Nursing Pajamas?

You have several options with respect to what to wear, so it really just depends on what you find comfortable. There is no right or wrong option to choose from, as long as you choose one that’s suitable for your needs.

Nursing pajamas can mean anything ranging from a comfy tank top and your husband’s old pajama bottoms to a coordinating set with custom quick-release clasps specifically made for breastfeeding moms.

It really doesn’t matter what you wear; the name of the game is accessibility. You want to be able to access your breasts easily, that’s the most important factor to consider.

The less attention required to expose your nipples for your baby to latch on, the less you will need to come out of your wonderful sleepy fog and the easier it’ll be to fall right back asleep as soon as you’re done.

Safety Tip: It’s important to always be alert anytime you’re handling your baby. Although we will discuss measures to minimize how much you have to “wake up” and be alert for feedings, you must always be attentive when you pick up and lay down your baby. The last thing you’ll want to do is drop them and risk having them sustain serious physical injuries.

What Are All The Different Types Of PJs I Can Choose From For Breastfeeding?

While it’s not necessary to go out and purchase several brand new pairs of pajamas, you need to make sure you will be comfortable and prepared to nurse your baby on a moment’s notice … while you’re half asleep.

Like many other mothering dilemmas these days, there are now plenty of products out there to make it a little easier on you.

You can’t fix the “problem” entirely (until someone figures out a way to harvest milk from a man’s nipples) but you can definitely make it easier on yourself!

1) Quick-Release Clasps

Many companies are hip to the fact that if they make cute and functional clothing for nursing mothers, people will buy them! Thankfully, this now includes pajamas.

There are lots of nursing pajamas that feature the ever-popular and convenient hook and clasp on the shoulder straps.

These are the same as what you’ll find on the majority of nursing bras and tank tops. That’s because once you get the hang of them, they’re super easy and supportive.

You should be able to find a pretty wide variety of styles with the clasps, too. Whether you prefer nightgowns or tank top and pants or short combos, you shouldn’t have a problem finding what you have in mind.

Also remember, you could simply buy a nursing tank top and wear it to bed. These are great for layering under regular clothes for a daytime look, but there’s no reason you couldn’t sleep in them as well.

2) Button Down

You don’t have to wear nursing-specific pajamas.

If you already have a pair of pajamas with a button down top, you might be all set! As long as the buttons don’t go all the way up to your chin, these should be comfortable enough for nighttime feedings.

For this style, just make sure that they only require you to unbutton one or two buttons to reach your chest. If it needs more effort than that, you won’t have a good time. Nothing is worse than fumbling with buttons in the middle of the night!

3) Double Panel

The other popular nursing-friendly fashion is the hidden panel.

This is where the manufacturer attaches a small panel of fabric behind the shirt so that you can easily slide it over and pull your breast out either over or under the panel.

This is an especially modest style, but it is still very functional. The panel makes it possible to nurse your baby while exposing only a very small amount of your skin.

What You Should Know About The “Pull Down” Method

If you are accustomed to sleeping in t-shirts and your old Soffe shorts from high school, then you should probably try to find something similar to wear as pajamas while breastfeeding.

After all, you want to stay as comfortable as possible! Would you rather roll over and go right back to sleep or lie awake obsessing about how you hate the feeling of your inner-thighs touching? (Or is that just me?)

The point is, be aware of what’s comfortable for you and don’t change up your routine just because something says “breastfeeding friendly” on the tag.

If you don’t want to invest in a new pair of pajamas just for the fancy clasps on the straps, just use the pull-down method!

Okay, I made that term up, but I think you get the idea.

All you need is a top that you can comfortably pull down in order to access your breasts. Obviously, you can wear whatever you want on the bottom!

You can probably dig through your dresser and find a couple of different options. For accessibility purposes, you’ll want to find tops made of stretchy, giving material.

Here’s a quick list with the best fabrics for your PJs (source):

  • Nylon and polyester: Breathable, doesn’t soak up moisture or bunch up.
  • Cotton/polyester blend: Breathable, very common fabric that wicks away more moisture than 100% cotton, but not as much as other materials.
  • Bamboo: Extremely soft, bouncy and stretchy. Not as common as other fabrics, but an excellent choice for nursing mothers.
  • Cotton: The “fabric of our lives” is everywhere because it’s soft and breathable. Absorbs more moisture than other fabrics.

Relatively loose shirts, especially v-necks, work well. Be sure to test it out to make sure you can easily access your breasts without having to tug and pull too much.

Safety Tip: Be sure the shirt you wear is not too loose! You don’t want to have a ton of free material around your baby’s face. This is just a precaution since you are not likely to be the most alert version of yourself for every feeding.

Tank tops with stretchy straps that allow you to pull them down will be excellent options. All the better if they have a built-in “shelf” for support!

A Word On Support

Your breasts will probably change quite a bit in the first few weeks and months of breastfeeding. You will notice them becoming enlarged and heavier as you go greater lengths of time between feedings.

Nighttime tends to be when you first go for longer stretches between feedings. When you do wake up to nurse, you’ll likely find two small bowling balls on your chest. For this reason, it’s a good idea to look for something with support.

This should reduce the likelihood of sagging and stretch marks from unsupported, free-range breasts.

What Should I Avoid In Nursing Pajamas?

Again, the two things to consider when picking out nursing pajamas are your comfort and how easily you can access your baby’s midnight snack.

A few options you can definitely rule out are:

  • Traditional cotton t-shirts (those high, inflexible collars simply won’t work)
  • Tight-fitting shirts
  • Tank tops with tight/inflexible straps
  • Anything with overly complicated snaps and buttons

1) Leaks Happen

Also, avoid very thin fabrics.

If you haven’t had problems with leaks … don’t count your blessings just yet. It could still happen.

It’s wise to sleep in nursing pads for the first few weeks, but you might also consider wearing them when you begin night-weaning.

Many women struggle with overnight leaks due to engorgement. Engorgement happens when your body produces enough milk to keep up with the perceived demand (source).

When your baby starts to sleep an extra hour here and there throughout the night, it takes a little while for your body to get the message through to your breasts.

You might wake up with your super cute breastfeeding nightgown soaked in breastmilk, and let’s not forget the bowling balls!

You’ll experience the same thing when you start to deliberately night-wean. There’s not too much you can do for the discomfort other than to make sure you don’t leak all over your bed. Keep nursing pads on hand for these phases of nursing, you’ll thank yourself for it later.

Also, nursing pads will stay in place better if your pajamas have some kind of built-in support. Keep this in mind when shopping around!

2) Pricey PJs

Another thing to avoid is special nursing pajama sets with outrageous price-tags.

Babies are expensive enough – don’t feel like you need to spend several hundred dollars on nursing jammies!

3) Too Many

Also, don’t go all out and buy a different pair of pajamas for every night of the week (unless that’s just your thing).

You want to make sure you have at least 2 or 3 different nursing-ready pajama options on hand at all times, no need for more than that.

Having a change of clothes will make that inevitable spit-up incident at 4:00am a little bit easier, but there’s no need for 10 backups.

Best Nursing Pajamas – A More Detailed Look At Our Top 10 Recommendations

Pick #1: SUIEK Women’s Cami Nursing Tank Top

It’s hard to find things to wear when you’re pregnant or nursing that are both practical and cute. Thankfully, we found this nursing tank top that fits the bill!

This cami is a great option for maternity mamas because of the long hem which will easily cover the baby bump. The one-handed clasps are ideal for no-fuss nighttime feeding, making it perfect for nursing moms as well.

Also, if you’ve been having trouble sleeping (as is often the case), the soft cotton will help keep you comfortable overnight.

The real beauty of this product is that it can be worn at night with a pair of comfy pajama bottoms or layered under your daytime look.

Unlike many nursing tops out there, this one features a super cute lace racerback. Plus, the empire waist is pleated, which is ideal for hiding those transitional postpartum lumps.

You’ll also love how easy it is to clasp and unclasp the straps. They’re great for quick access for hungry kiddos – and what more can we ever ask for, right?

This tank top has a shelf for extra support, so you shouldn’t need to wear a bra underneath overnight. You might even still like to wear this one after you’re done nursing. Great for mamas that appreciate multi-functional pieces of clothing!


  • Versatile
  • One-handed clasp release
  • Stylish
  • Loose around midsection
  • Long
  • Supportive cami
  • Cotton


  • Not maximum coverage
  • No bottoms
  • Lace requires a bit of maintenance
  • No pads for leaks

Click Here To Check Price & Read Customer Reviews On Amazon

Pick #2: Ekouaer Women’s Long Sleeve PJ Set

If you don’t want to sacrifice sleepwear fashion just because you’re pregnant or nursing, then this set might be the perfect option for you.

While you won’t have the daytime versatility of some of the other options on this list, this set of PJs is beautiful if you’re mainly interested in that traditional pajama feel. 

Feel free to put away those baggy t-shirts and XXXL pajama pants! With a collared shirt with outlined pocket and sleeves, you’ll feel sophisticated walking around the hospital or your house in these pajamas.

Obviously, you can’t just take a regular pair of pajamas and squeeze your pregnant belly into them, so these stretchy jammies are perfect for your maternity needs. Moms particularly rave about the bouncy, comfortable material of this pajama set.

Plus, all you have to do is unbutton a few buttons and then you’re ready to nurse. If you wanted more support, you could always layer one of the tank tops on this list under this shirt.

This is also one of the warmest pairs of PJs on this list, so these are perfect if you tend to get chilly at night.

Some might find the idea of fumbling with buttons with a wriggly baby in the middle of the night a bit frustrating, but if that doesn’t bother you, then give these beauties a try!


  • Two-piece set
  • Stretchy, lightweight material
  • Sophisticated style
  • Warm


  • A bit of button work to access breasts
  • Could be too warm for some
  • No support

Click Here To Check Price & Read Customer Reviews On Amazon

Pick #3: Ekouaer Striped Nursing Nightgown

Do you prefer sleeping in a nightgown instead of pants? If so, this night dress is perfect for you pregnant and nursing mamas!

It’s nice and spacious—great for those third-trimester nights. It also features buttons, so it’s still the best choice for easy access for nighttime feedings.

You can also choose from many different styles and colors, so picking out something you love and feel fabulous wearing is easy-peasy.

The short sleeve with buttons comes in a striped pattern in a variety of colors; there’s a long-sleeve version with buttons that comes in either blue or black stripes; and there’s a short-sleeve with a hidden panel instead of buttons.

These different styles will give you tons of options for not only how you look, but how you nurse. The hidden panel allows a little more privacy for moms who need it, whereas the buttons may be a simpler option for those nighttime feeds.

You might want to consider buying a size up, though, because this dress looks and feels best when it fits loosely – plus it gives you plenty of room to grow into it. Bonus: a loose dress looks great with a pair of leggings, so you can continue to use this for a daytime look after you’ve lost the pregnant belly.

This is a great versatile choice. If you don’t love sleeping in it, put it in your daytime rotation whether you’re pregnant or not!


  • Loose
  • Daytime/nighttime wear
  • Multiple different styles
  • Room to grow


  • No support
  • Might be best to order a size up
  • Polyester material

Click Here To Check Price & Read Customer Reviews On Amazon

Pick #4: Ekouaer Womens Maternity Nursing Pajama & Pregnancy Sleepwear

After you have a baby, you’ll be unpleasantly surprised at how many of your family and friends will see you in your pajamas. The days and nights are barely distinguishable for new parents, after all, so who wants to stress about looking decent for guests?

And as for you, mama, of course all you want to do is to feel comfortable. So, it’s wonderful when you find a set of clothes that can go from nighttime to comfy daytime loungewear. These maternity/nursing PJs are just what you’re looking for.

No one will even know there’s a secret panel to make nursing a breeze! This extra material also allows you to nurse discreetly, without having to expose too much breast to feed your baby. Again, perfect for when company is visiting.

There’s also an adjustable waistband with button extenders on the pants. These pants literally grow with you, so you’ll be able to wear them whether you’re nine months pregnant or nine months postpartum.

Choose from 3 different basic colors to wear anytime. The ¾ sleeve and pants make these a great option for cool weather, but the material is very lightweight. Perfect PJs for all temperatures and body types!


  • Easy access to breast
  • Adjustable waistband
  • Discreet nursing


  • Could be too warm for some
  • No pads
  • No extra support

Click Here To Check Price & Read Customer Reviews On Amazon

Pick #5: Kindred Bravely Angelina Ultra Soft Nursing Nightgown

Are you tired of bland, simple maternity clothes? Looking for something with a little more detail and pizzaz? This night dress comes from a line designed by a woman who started a maternity clothing business after deciding there weren’t enough attractive maternity clothes out there, so you know you’re in good company!

It’s hard to decide if this is better as a nightgown or a daytime dress, but you don’t really have to choose. You’ll feel beautiful in this dress regardless of when you wear it or which of the 8 colors you choose.

This dress is elastic free, which is perfect if you find seams and underwiring uncomfortable; no elastic bands that go around the chest is perfect for many moms out there. Because the top lacks structure, though, it might not be the best fit if you’re looking for extra support.

For nursing, all you have to do is slide the top layer of material up, and the lower layer downward. It’s really easy and shouldn’t pinch or dig into you.

It would be best if you don’t try and double pump or use this dress for simultaneously nursing twins, as this can stretch the material on the top out of shape with time. Otherwise, this dress is an absolutely perfect option for you nursing mamas to consider!


  • Daytime/nighttime wear
  • Discreet nursing
  • Elastic free
  • Comes in many colors
  • Fashionable


  • Not the most suitable for tandem nursing
  • Form-fitting
  • Material may shrink
  • Not enough support for larger busts

Click Here To Check Price & Read Customer Reviews On Amazon

Pick #6: Molliya Women’s Cotton Maternity Nursing Pajama

This one ticks all the boxes; soft and breathable material, easy neckline for nursing, roomy top for maternity, attractive enough to wear during the daytime and comfortable enough to wear to bed.

This is another ¾ sleeve and pants option, but this one will make you feel a little more delicate (for a change). It’s easy to spend your entire pregnancy feeling like a frumpy bag of garbage, but you really don’t have to – not with this pajama set, at least!

The unique neckline design is adorable and matches the hem of the top and pants, all lined in lace. The top is ideal for simply pulling to the side for breastfeeding. No clasps or extra material keeps it simple so you can easily access your breast.

Like many other options on this list, this pajama set is great for relaxing at home. The waistband of the pants are not adjustable, but they are – nonetheless – stretchy enough for comfort.

The shirt is loose and pleated, which makes this another excellent pajama set for not only nursing, but pregnant mamas (or mamas-to-be) as well. These extremely practical and fashionable PJ’s are perfect for making the transition into motherhood.

Whether you wear the gray or black option, the lace really pops and will make you feel beautiful. What better gift could you give yourself?


  • Stylish lace hems
  • Simple v-neck design
  • Easy access to breast
  • Durable material
  • Room to grow


  • No support
  • Larger bust might “spill”

Click Here To Check Price & Read Customer Reviews On Amazon

Pick #7: CAKYE Maternity Nursing Nightgown

If you’re looking for simplicity, then this is the nightgown for you.

This cute little nightgown comes in several different patterns like paisley, different colored florals, and even little trees. You can jazz up your maternity wardrobe with these super cute patterns as a sundress, or wear it to bed.

There is no elastic under the bust, but the neckline is very stretchy and great for nursing. Simply pull the top down for easy nighttime feedings.

If you have a larger bust and struggle with finding maternity or nursing tops that fit, you’ll appreciate the lack of structure to this dress and how easy it makes your life. This free-flowing gown has no artificial shape, so it’s great for all body types.

The material this nightgown is made of might not be the smoothest, but if you’re looking for a lightweight nightgown, this might be the one – especially if you don’t like lots of layers when you sleep.

This is also a good fit if you’d like to avoid pinching elastic or underwires. All it takes is a nursing bra underneath, and you’re good to go out for a nice occasion! You’re going to love the versatility of this dress.


  • Elastic neckline
  • Daytime/nighttime wear
  • Easy access to breasts
  • Stylish patterns
  • No elastic under bust
  • Plenty of space for larger bust


  • No support
  • Not the smoothest of material

Click Here To Check Price & Read Customer Reviews On Amazon

Pick #8: SUIEK Nursing Tops for Maternity and Breastfeeding

All good things come in threes, including these essential nursing tank tops. Because they’re form-fitting, these camis are perfect for layering, but you might not find them as comfortable to wear alone.

Here’s the best part: If you’re tired of nursing pads not staying in place overnight, these tanks have a nice surprise for you. They actually have small pockets for you to put pads so they won’t float around all night long while you sleep. Score!

These tops may not be ideal for the later months of pregnancy, but can definitely accommodate a small bump both before and after baby comes. The elastic straps are super stretchy and won’t pinch or dig into your shoulders, no matter how heavy the load.

Although you may want to wear a nursing bra underneath for support, the cups are extremely elastic with plenty of give for when your milk comes in.

Also, if you’re not interested in fumbling with clasps and snaps, then these are perfect for you. The simple cross-over style will allow you easy access for breastfeeding.

These are an absolute must for all nursing mamas – an absolute must to give consideration to, at least!


  • Pack of 3
  • Pouch for nursing pads
  • Simple v-neck design
  • Daytime/nighttime wear


  • No bottoms
  • No extra support
  • Larger bust might “spill”
  • Low cut

Click Here To Check Price & Read Customer Reviews On Amazon

Pick #9: Kindred Bravely Davy Ultra Soft Maternity & Nursing Pajamas

Here’s the sleep set counterpart to this dress by Kindred Bravely. If you’re like countless moms out there, though, you need a pair of pants to wear to bed!

Luckily, these PJs feature all the same things that you would love about the dress, but with pants instead. From the waist up, these are essentially the same pajamas.

The stretchy material criss-crosses your chest, which offers not only support, but a really unique look. You could even wear the top with a pair of jeans whether pregnant or nursing (or maybe even beyond). No one will be able to tell that you’re wearing a pajama shirt because of the adorable details, such as the lettuce-hemmed sleeves.

You could also mix and match different colored tops and bottoms to keep your pajamas freshly rotated and your style updated.

Because of the one-of-a-kind design which features extra fabric and more color options, this item can be a little more pricey than others.

Overall, if you’re looking for something for discreet nursing that won’t make you feel frumpy, give these a try!


  • Comes in many colors
  • Discreet nursing
  • Comfortable waistband
  • Elastic free


  • No extra support
  • Not the most budget-friendly

Click Here To Check Price & Read Customer Reviews On Amazon

Pick #10: GYS Maternity Nursing Pjs

This simple sleep set is one of the only sets on the market that offers shorts instead of pants. It also comes with a matching short-sleeved top, perfect for all you mamas out there who want to flaunt what you have!

The elastic scoop neck design makes for quick and easy access and still looks elegant. Add to that the super cute capped sleeves and pleated front, and you’re going to love these comfy pajamas. They come in a variety of colors, so you could even get multiple pairs if you wanted to.

If you live in a warmer climate, you’ll really appreciate the lightweight material made from bamboo–it won’t trap heat or moisture like other materials do. This is perfect if you get hot and sweaty with your little nursling pressed against you throughout the night.

Because the scoop neck is lined in elastic, you’ll be able to easily pull it down without having to put on other layers for nursing. Another reason why these are perfect if you want to stay cool while sleeping.

This set may run a bit small and might not be a good choice if you’re still pregnant, however. But if you’re simply looking for a cool and comfortable pajama set for nursing, you definitely need to check these out!


  • Simple scoop neck design
  • Soft, lightweight & absorbent material
  • Good for warm weather


  • Not the best option for when you’re still pregnant
  • No support

Click Here To Check Price & Read Customer Reviews On Amazon

Wrapping It Up

Find what works best for you – that doesn’t necessarily mean what manufacturers think works best. Don’t feel like a bad mom for re-purposing things you already have. (That actually makes you a good mom!)

It’s a good idea to start thinking about nursing pajamas before you actually have your baby at home and begin nursing.

If they accommodate your baby bump, try wearing them a few weeks before you start breastfeeding. This will give you time to get adjusted to how they feel.

Also, don’t feel like you have to stop wearing your amazing nursing PJs once you finish breastfeeding! Wear them as long as they’re comfy.

The best nursing pajamas will be comfortable based on what you’re used to sleeping in and will be supportive enough while giving you easy access to your breasts.

Remember that this entire discussion revolves mostly around you and what makes you comfortable. Take advantage of that, because not many more of the conversations in the next 18 years will be that way!

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